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We Collect Judgments Fast- No Collection, No Charge.

Business & Pro-Se Litigants

We help businesses and self-represented individuals collect judgments and locate assets. Average collection time 5-10 days!

Law Firms

Partner with us for efficient judgment collection and comprehensive asset searches. Average collection time 5-10 days!

Asset Location

Specializing in locating hidden assets to ensure successful judgment recovery.

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Our Judgment Collection Process is Divided into Three Stages

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Stage 1: Immediate Judgment Enforcement

Once a judgment is obtained, we take swift action to initiate the collection process on the same business day. Our team begins by performing an asset search to identify any available resources that can be used for repayment and credit reporting. We will contact the debtor through various means, including phone calls, emails, and text messages, to establish communication and discuss the payment of the judgment. This initial phase can take anywhere from a day to several weeks, depending on the debtor's responsiveness and willingness to engage. If our efforts do not lead to a resolution, we advance to Stage 2.

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Stage 2: Aggressive Judgment Collection

In this stage, we intensify our efforts to collect the judgment. A local attorney will reach out to the debtor using formal legal communications, while we maintain regular contact through calls, emails, and texts. To escalate the urgency, our field agents will visit any known addresses associated with the debtor, underscoring the importance of compliance. This approach not only emphasizes the seriousness of the judgment but also prioritizes it for the debtor. If the debtor does not respond or if no assets are identified, we will explore potential post-judgment legal actions, including garnishment or asset seizure.

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Stage 3: Legal Action and Resolution

Based on our findings and the debtor’s assets, we will recommend one of two actions:

Case Closure: If recovery seems unlikely, we will suggest closing the case with no fees owed.

Enforcement Actions: If assets are identified, we will proceed with garnishments or liens. If these efforts fail, the case will close with no additional charges.

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